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Recommended for Medal of Freedom Award

Le Roy and Rosie Torres have recently received seven recommendations for the Medal of Freedom Award from their efforts fighting for US Veterans and Service Members and involvement in the passing of the Honoring our Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxics (PACT) Act of 2022

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  • Rosie Torres

    Military Wife, Mother, Grandmother, and 23 year employee of the Texas VA, Rosie Torres has seen more than her share of the painful casualties of war. After her husband returned from deployment with a host of health issues and no answers, Rosie took her experience working on behalf of Veterans to look for a solution. After creating the first independent registry of burn pit and toxic exposure symptoms, Rosie documented the stories from families like her own that were being ignored. She brought her findings to Washington DC, leading eventually to the passing of the “Honoring our PACT Act of 2022” that recognized the damage done by burn pit and toxic chemical exposure and promised treatments. 

  • LeRoy Torres

    Captain LeRoy Torres followed his lifelong dream to be a Soldier and State Trooper, serving in the US Army Reserve for 23 years (7 active, 16 reserve) and the Texas Highway Patrol for 14. When he returned from a year-long deployment in Iraq with health issues that interfered with daily life and work, he was fired abruptly from his job and denied health benefits from the VA. Along with his wife Rosie, he formed Burn Pits 360 and the first independent registry of burn pit and toxic chemical exposure symptoms. This data was used to write the “Honoring our PACT Act of 2022” and a promise that no one else would be denied treatment as he had. While being a Husband, Father, and Grandfather, LeRoy’s commitment to serve others has never wavered.

Our Mission

Our mission is to reintegrate, restore and build resilience through facilitating the unmet needs of warriors and their families through outreach, advocacy, education and research.

What Is A Burn Pit?

During the OEF and OIF wars, government contractors burned up to 227 metric tons of hazardous waste at forward operating bases using jet fuel in large ground pits. Items burned included: batteries, medical waste, amputated body parts, plastics, ammunition, human waste, animal carcasses, rubber, chemicals, & more. Exposure to these toxins, have caused a traumatic impact on the lives of our service members and their families.

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The Problem with Jon Stewart

For the debut of his new show, Jon Stewart had Le Roy and Rosie on as part of a panel sharing the horrifying realities about burn pits and navigating care after service.

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